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Innovative Strategy to grow Your email list


Make your Forms Simple

Your ability to grow email list is directly proportional to the simplicity of your email collection process and the amount of trust your website conveys. The optimum size of email form is 2-3 fields. Every extra field you add reduces the conversion rate by 5-7%.

Increase the value of your incentive

You can not force people to give their email ids. Don’t get in the overreaching trap. The only way of truly engaging with your audience is offering them an unmatched value. Constantly review the value proposition you offer in exchange for the email address. There are so many ways to add value; Use content upgrades for your blog (Checklists, PDF upgrade), create a free online course, create a sequence of value adding webinars, build content which they wait to receive and like to share.

Keep you List fresh

Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year*, as per study by Hubspot. It’s important to have a strategy to make up for these lost contacts. Keeping a list fresh would mean multiple things –
•Use double opt in
•Remove people who unsubscribe from your list
•Remove people who are consistently not opening your emails.

Convert Your About page into a Landing page

Of all the pages on your website, about page is the most ignored asset. You can write an inspiring story on the about page, list your bigger contribution and ask people to join you for a bigger purpose. (While offering them something valuable in return)

Drive subscribers from guest posts

Be innovative with you guest posts and think what you can offer as a valuable exchange in your guest posts which can drive subscribers directly to your opt in page? For email if you guest post is about SEO Plan, you can offer a free customizable excel template SEO plan for free.

Do Not buy an email list (You can rent it, though)

Buying an email list from open market is not at all a good idea. The stale email databases will reduce your engagement level, open rate while increasing the percentage of spam and unsubscribes.
Rather than buying an email list, you can collaborate with people in your shoulder niche and jointly promote a valuable offer driving people to opt in on your list.

Offer Bonus Content Upgrade

If your visitor is reading a handsomely valuable content, its the right time to ask for their email address. The traditional wisdom is to promise them the future blog right in their inbox. Another way is to offer bonus content (Which is insanely valuable but not covered in the blog post).

Put your email list to innovative use


Having an engaged and valid email list can be a great asset if you know how to use it. Here are some innovative ways to engage your audience

Re-target Your email list – Reach Outside inbox

You can reach out to your email list without sending them an email. Add your email list to your most relevant retargeting campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Display ad. You can reach out to over 60% of your subscribers with a well crafted retargeting campaign.

Appear on Top of inbox without sending email

Start using Gmail inbox ads offered by Google. You can be on top of the Gmail promotions tab without sending an email. Create a retargeting Gmail campaign to reach out to your email audience. Since its a paid campaign, you need to see what you are promoting.

Cross-Promotion and Partnerships

You can collaborate with people in your shoulder niches (Targeting similar demographic with a different product)

Learn The fundamentals of Sending Email



Learn Google Postmaster

Worried about email landing in promotion or spam? You need to earn the trust of Google. Any promotional campaign would naturally lend in promotions tab (That’s what it meant for), but your regular, educational and transactional content should make it to the primary tab. You can use multiple email addresses for different purposes.

Track email engagement

Email engagement is not limited to open rates. How many of your email subscribers are regular readers, what percentages of them clicks on the link. How they interact with your email over a period of time decides the importance and hierarchy of your email in their inbox.

Understand how Spam Filter works

Spam filters are constantly updated to fight the latest spam technique, they have a unique algorithm and machine learning to constantly update content and reputation metrics which keeps spammers at bay. As a marketer you need not master the spam filter. There is no trick to surpass the filters either, but understanding some basic traps help you stay in good books. As a user you will appreciate the effort and investment email service provider put to keep your inbox spam free. The spam filters are entrusted to deliver important transactional emails in your inbox without fail. They also need to keep your inbox spam free. A small error on either side hurt the entire email ecosystem.

Desirability is another important factor. Mailbox providers calculate engagement based on multiple signals. Metrics like read rate, response rate, forward rate are positive metrics. Spam complaints delete before reading, or not opening at all is negative signal.

Gmail Tabs (Primary, Promotions)

90% of your email list will be Gmail users. By understanding how gmail categorizes the email messages helps in getting the right message in the right tab.

Be innovative with your automated Sequence

Most email marketing software would sell automated sequence as one stop shop for customer engagement. In fact, they would like you to see this as their USP. In reality the reader would be bored of a sequence very quickly. The real success of an email sequence lies in your email copy and your ability to keep the reader curious. The answer is in your content not in the technology.

Learn Advance Segmentation

Not every message is meant for everyone. Your reader/customer are at different stages of their buyer journey. Use segmentation techniques to bifurcate your email lists in to several categories such as buyers, repeat buyers, subscribers, people consuming free content and your competitors.