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Save 20% CPL with Smart Scheduling of Ads


Smart scheduling one of my favorite PPC strategy using which I have consistently been able to bring down the cost per lead across my campaigns.

In this post, I am listing out the scheduling strategy which can help you save around 20% on average. If you have been running an ad evenly, you might have been loosing a lot of money and also potential leads. Here are some scenarios to consider.

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PPC Search Ad copy – How to create effective ads that covert?


Most PPC marketer focus solely on keyword research, short term conversion goals and few improvements here are there. But the real PPC battles are fought and won on ad copies and landing pages!

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Comprehensive Guide to Negative Keywords in PPC


Negative keywords are the best friend of a PPC Marketer. With a comprehensive negative keywords strategy you can

Improve ROI,

Save on the cost,

Reduce wasted spend and,

Laser target your campaign.

Read this post to learn

How to build a negative keyword list

Where to apply negative keywords (Account Level, Campaign Level and Ad group level)

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