Comprehensive guide to Conversion infrastructure

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Comprehensive guide to Conversion infrastructure


If you are running a brick and mortar store, you can walk to a visitor and understand why they purchased or not purchased from your store. To replicate this on the web, you need tools. There are tools to cover every aspect of a visitor’s journey. I have included the most frequently needed tools. You can decide which all the tools you will need to get started with conversion optimization.

Start by Installing A Tag Manager

Google tag manager

Having the ability to install the tools on your own saves you a lot of time. The tag manager helps you do just that. A Tag management solution enables you to reduce dependency on a developer. Additionally, You will have a lighter header file, which improves the speed of your website and decrease the chances of human error while installing the code.

Make sure you setup Google Tag Manager to track important metrics

 Action  For
Event Tracking To Track button clicks
Scroll Depth To understand how visitors scroll on the page
Facebook Pixels Retargeting and building Facebook audience
Other social pixels Such as Linkedin Pixel, Remarketing tags of google etc

This easy to use Google Tag Manager Guide for Marketers will help you get started with tags.

Get Web Analytics Tools to Uncover User Journey

Web analytics tools help you get started with conversion optimization. It offers a lot of quantitative data such as –

  • which pages are getting the maximum amount of traffic,
  • how the traffic flows,
  • how much time a visitor spends on your website,
  • which are the most valuable pages on your site,
  • and which traffic flow leads to the highest conversion.

When you use web analytics in combination with tools that offer qualitative data, it helps you uncover the most profitable conversion strategy for your website.

If you have an up and running website in all probability, you are using Google Analytics already. Start by checking if the configuration is correct, I would suggest you move your GA code to Google Tag Manager. Here is a quick guide to configuring Google analytics on your website, also check this for most important GA metrics for Conversion optimization.

Heatmap tools to help you understand where they focus

The Heatmap tools can help you discover –

  1. Which part of the page is getting most attention?
  2. How far visitor scroll down on the page
  3. Which area of the page is clicked (Even if it’s not a clickable item.)

Study the Heatmap report of your most important pages or pages to uncover the optimization opportunities.

Record Visitor Session with Session Recording tools

Want to get a feel of how people interact with your website or what they did on a particular page? The session recording tools give you a feel as if you are looking over their shoulder while someone is browsing your website.

Session recording tools capture the flow of mouse and watching the recording can help you understand

  • How a visitor flow on your page,
  • Which stage do they exit,
  • How far did they scroll and
  • If a user has encountered an error while on the page.

Understand which of your form fields are causing troubles

Worried about your form not capturing enough leads? Maybe you are asking too much details or information which nobody wants to share?

The form analytics tools help you understand

  • Which of your form fields are causing visitors to abandon.
  • How much time does a visitor spend on your form?
  • Percentage of visitors dropped out on each form field.
  • Which fields are always left blank?
  • Any error message while submitting the form
  • Which browser or device creates difficulty while filling up the form etc.

Website form analysis

Understand visitors using Surveys

If you want to get answers to some of your pressing marketing questions, surveys might help.

Asking the right questions can uncover a lot of hidden gems.

Use survey to understand which product customer like the most, what is the ideal price point. Ask Questions to both customers and non-customers.

You can use this collection of 20 best survey questions, or Download this free guide on how to use survey tools to understand your website visitors.

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