Put your email list to innovative use

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Put your email list to innovative use


Having an engaged and valid email list can be a great asset if you know how to use it. Here are some innovative ways to engage your audience

Re-target Your email list – Reach Outside inbox

You can reach out to your email list without sending them an email. Add your email list to your most relevant retargeting campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Display ad. You can reach out to over 60% of your subscribers with a well crafted retargeting campaign.

Appear on Top of inbox without sending email

Start using Gmail inbox ads offered by Google. You can be on top of the Gmail promotions tab without sending an email. Create a retargeting Gmail campaign to reach out to your email audience. Since its a paid campaign, you need to see what you are promoting.

Cross-Promotion and Partnerships

You can collaborate with people in your shoulder niches (Targeting similar demographic with a different product)

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