Search Engine Optimization in 2019

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

The majority of us take this as if they need to beat Google in their game in order to win with the SEO efforts.

In reality, Google is like a level playing field, like a referee whose job is to define rules for everyone. The clear focus of the Search Engine is to provide the most valuable information to its users within seconds and with a single click of a button.

Google is Neither Your Enemy Nor Your Friend.

Think of SEO as a fair game, and you are playing against your opponent and not against the referee. Every keyword or topic you choose to rank for will open a new playing field for you. The search engine has no personal favorite, Google exist to provide best information to its users. Their parameters to decide on the best information are not publicly listed. Marketers and SEO folks have been best guessing it over the years.

Google will keep reinventing itself

It’s a constant fight. The only way for Google to survive is to stay ahead in the mad race. Google algorithm will continue to focus on delivering updated information to its users across devices, mediums, and browsers. Thousands of updates are released every month, some minor tweaks and few overhauls over the year. 

You need not spy on Google. That’s not your job as a marketer. An awareness of best practices will still help in long run. is my winning SEO strategy in 2019. 

On-page SEO is often ignored

Link building or reach out is overly glorified. One possible reason for this could be, most SEO folks are non-technical, and link building topics get you more eyeballs. What happens on your website is equally important, outreach efforts will yield results if you have an authority content, optimized speed, topical coverage, mobile friendly navigation and rich results. What happens on your site after people land their is equally or more important from SEO point of view. 

Authority Website Ranks Better

Google loves authority websites. if you are operating in a niche, creating relevant and in-depth content will help you rank better for a search query. By covering a topic at length and breadth, you can rank one page for 1000s of related keywords, it increases the potential of getting search engine traffic.  

Rich Results will evolve further

There are two-three reasons for this. Voice Search is evolving quickly. 

Website speed will matter even more

Website speed is an important ranking factor. 

Prepare your website for mobile first indexing

Mobile first indexing is already live. 

Visual content will get Prominence

Visual content gets more dwell time, drives better engagement 

Local websites will get prominence in local results

If you are competing across locations, you are likely to get a tough competition from a local competitors with local signals. 

Learn to self audit your website for SEO issues

There are 100s of tools to do a self audit of your website, you need to know what you are looking for. 

Download My three month Comprehensive SEO Plan

Comprehensive SEO plan to which can guide you at every step from audit, topical coverage, competitor analysis, content generation, link building etc.