Win with a great Copy

If I say something and you don’t understand, we both lose; I lose more!

It’s saddening if you have a great product, but are unable to sell because of a poorly written sales copy.

Why copywriting is important

If I say something and you don’t understand, we both lose; I lose more!
Its saddening if you have a great product, but are unable to sale because of a poorly written sales copy.
Your customers love to buy but they hate to be sold, your copy is the only difference between an average sale and a skyrocketing sale numbers.
A Great copy can cause a 3X improvement in your sales.

If you have a product which your customers love, but the sales numbers are not growing, your sales copy could be the reason.By the end of this definitive guide, you will have a clear understanding of the power of written words and how to implement on your business. Read through this DIY guide, so you don’t have to spend fortunes on expensive copywriting courses or hiring expert copywriters for crafting your sales pages.

Where copywriting is used

The copywriting skills can be used to produce almost every marketing artefact. A great copy have help you skyrocket your sales. Use copywriting skills to improve

Your website (Home page, landing pages, sales pages, call to action, and key messages)

Email marketing

Social media posts,

Video sales letters

Presentations and webinars.

Basically, it affects every aspect of your marketing.

What are copywriting skills

If you want to write a great copy for your own business or looking to build a freelance copywriting career, it’s important to hone your skills in following areas

Skill How it helps
Conversational style of writing You can not write like a robot and expect it to sell. A great copy talks to the customer as if two friends are talking.
Concise and to the point A great copy is not a fluff. Every word counts. Write as if you need to pay USD 50 for every additional word in your copy.
Market Research Great copywriters are great researchers. Your creativity is directly proportional to the amount of research and variety of message you are able to produce.

What are copywriting fundamentals

A Great Copy starts with Understanding your customer.

Just like all great products, great sales copies are not written in silos. Great copywriters know their customers and market like the back of their hands. Copywriting is not a work of genius, if you know the language that your customer use, just write verbatim and you are done!

If you don’t know who you are selling to, just writing skills are not enough.

It’s about your customer not you!

Most people don’t get it. As Joanna Wibie puts it –

To  do that, you really need to get into your customer’s shoes, understand their pain points, frustrations, motivations, the situation they are in and where they would love to go.  Understand your target market segment

Not everyone is your customer

You can not sell to the whole world. Your product and service is meant for specific customer segment only. A great copy start with narrowing down your customer. The process of narrowing depends on few factors such as

Your customer value profile

Your product price and industry segment

The unique problem your product solves.

The more you understand your customer the better. The copy is empowered when it speaks the language of your customer.

What are copywriting best practices?

  1. A great copy is always a work in progress, you need to keep testing it against marketing conditions, competition, changing customer aspirations and other factors.
  2. Do not make false promises; does not matter how good you are as a writer, do not over-promise or exaggerate the benefits of your product.
  3. A great copy is about winning the trust of your customers.
  4. Use the language and style of your customer for best results. Don’t try to be sophisticated, we tend to trust someone who is like us and among us.

Great copywriters have an empathetic mindset and they know their customer really well; more than their customer know themselves.

Can you learn copywriting?

Of course you can. It’s a skill and like any other skills you can master by practicing it. In fact, the real skill lies in understanding and knowing your customer better than they understand themselves. If you know your customer well, your sales copy will be able to connect and sell. It’s not about sophistication, it’s about simplification and connect.

Are copywriting courses worth it?

Rarely. You already know what you need to do. No course can help you put your skills in use unless you do. If you really want to be a good writer, start writing.

Keep Learning

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