Win with a great Copy

If I say something and you don’t understand, we both loose. I loose more!  Its saddening if you have a great product, but are unable to sale thanks to the poorly written sales copy. 

A Great copy can cause a 3X improvement in your sales. Your customers love to buy but they hate to be sold, a Great copy is the difference between an average sale and a skyrocketing sale numbers. 

A Great Copy starts with Understanding your customer.

Just like all great products, great sales copies are not written in silos. Great copywriters know their customers and market like the back of their hands. Copywriting is not a work of genius, if you know the language that your customer use, just write verbatim and you are done!

If you don’t know whom you are selling to, just writing skills are not enough.

  1. Understand your Customer
As Joanna Wibie puts it –
Copywriting - Joanna Wibie Blurb
To  do that, you really need to get into your customer’s shoes, understand their pain points, frustrations, motivations, the situation they are in and where they would love to go. 
Understand your target market segment

Not everyone is your customer

You can not sale to the whole world. Your product and service is meant for specific customer segment only. 

Focus on your Key Message

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Research your market before you start writing